Comedian, writer, cartoon maker.

Brian Frange is a writer and comedian originally from Wantagh, NY on Long Island. He started performing stand-up comedy in Bloomington, Indiana at The Comedy Attic before moving back to New York City and eventually to Culver City, CA, where he now lives. He was the showrunner and head writer for Netflix’s adult animated comedy Adventure Beast. He has written for Barack Obama’s The G-Word on Netflix, Adam Ruins Everything and ReAnimated History on TruTV, and Comedy Central’s Not Safe with Nikki Glaser.

As an animator, Brian created the show George Washington: DTF for Comedy Central’s Snapchat Discover, as well as several shows for New York and LA’s Channel101 competition, including Illuminati Incorporated

Brian is also an avid apple enthusiast who created the F100 – 100 point ranking system for apples as well as the review site which was referenced in The Wall Street Journal somehow. He has yelled about apples on stage and on radio shows worldwide.  He was also the host and creator of the paranormal podcast, The Unbelievable Podcast, which ended its seven year run in 2018.